PTO Drive Shafts

Range of Products

Gamma prodotti 540 giri/min-rpm 1000 giri/min-rpm
Dim. Crociere Serie B Serie E Serie L Serie S Kw CV HP Nm Kw CV HP Nm
1 12 16 210 18 25 172
2 - 15 21 270 23 31 220
3 - - - 22 30 390 35 47 330
4 - - 26 35 460 40 55 380
5 - - 35 47 620 51 70 500
6 - - 47 64 830 74 100 710
7 - - 55 75 1000 83 113 810
8 - - 70 95 1240 110 150 1050

Safety Devices


Ratchet torque limiter

This device is designed to keep shock loads within specified limits. It elastically transmits the desired torque, absorbing overloads by temporarily slipping. When it slips, it is necessary to stop the PTO in order to avoid excessive wear. It is mounted on the implement side.


Shear bolt torque limiter

This device prevents overloading by means of a shear bolt of specified size. When the bolt shears off, the hub and yoke assembly is kept together by a ball bearing ring which allows the two parts to rotate independent of each other. It is mounted on the implement side.


Friction torque limiter

It prevents overloading when the preset torque is reached. Since the torque continues to be transmitted, no interruptions of work are necessary. External springs allow torque setting to be adjusted easily. It is mounted on the implement side.


Overrunning clutch

This device transmit power in a pre-selected direction of rotation. It is recommended for those machines which, when suddenly stopped, are subject to a large inertia force. It is mounted on the implement side. If another safety device is fitted to the same drive shaft, then the RL overrunning clutch should be mounted on the tractor side.

Accident prevention protections


Safety guards

BINACCHI safety guards represent an important achievement in safety matters. The materials they are made of have technical specifications which assure the maximum strength and durability, even under the worst operating conditions and extreme climates.

BINACCHI safety guards include safety labels in conformity with standards defined by laws in the countries in which drive shafts are utilized.

A label applied on outer safety tube reports the indications of danger and homologation numbers according to the various standards. A second label is applied on drive shaft's outer tube, as required by american standard.