About Us


Binacchi company was established in 1975 as an artisan turning facility for third parties with ten employees and occupying an area of ​​500 square meters. In 1980, with 15 employees, it started manufacturing its own production, entering the market of cardan shafts for agricultural machinery. The company keeps growing and in 1990 becomes a Limited Liability Company (SRL) with 25 employees.

In 2018 it acquires the nearby NTB turning company, further expanding the range of machinery and the number of workers.

Binacchi currently occupies an area of ​​6,000 square meters and employs 70 people. In recent years the turnover has reached 10 million Euros, with 60% sales in the domestic market and 40% in export.

Competitiveness, Quality and Service

are the weapons with which it is facing the market today. The range of products is continuously expanded, updated and qualified in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of international markets.


Productivity and quality are the goals that are pursued through:

  • ontinuous investments in CNC and highly automated operating machines;
  • investments in quality control tools;
  • investments in personnel training;
  • constant updates of IT hardware and software for administration / commercial / production planning / design and quality control.

The current range of products is summarized as follows:

The current range of products is summarized as follows:

  • cardan shafts for agricultural equipment and machinery;
  • cardan shafts with constant velocity joint;
  • high speed shafts and double joints;
  • joints and double joints for agricultural and industrial applications;
  • special executions on demand for agricultural applications;
  • safety devices: free wheels, torque limiters, friction clutches, shear bolt limiters;
  • accessories: adaptors, bushes, splined males, broached hubs, etc;
  • safety guards for cardan shafts;
  • power take-off safety guards;
  • components and spare parts for cardan shafts: crosses, profile tubes, yokes, etc;
  • NEW PRODUCT: extensions for gearboxes.

The cardan shafts are marked with CE homologation for the entire European market (certification obtained by the ICEPI institute), and they are complying as well with the safety standards of all the countries around the world, including the United States and Canada, which are still reference countries for export.


The sun is our source of energy, a beneficial, clean, limitless energy and Binacchi company knows it well! Photovoltaic systems are absolutely compatible with the environment, have no environmental impact, and are appreciated by everyone. Their source of energy, the sun, is the renewable energy source par excellence. The absence of any emissions, their silence, make them the symbol of Clean Energy.

For the past 10 years, Binacchi company has been using this new source of energy, covering almost 60% of its needs because, as all companies should know, work is important but safeguarding the environment must be considered a priority, considering the global situation.